Unlock new workflows for your team with your APIs

Frevo is an all-in-one platform for your APIs. It helps you stay ahead of changes, share your docs, and keep your team in sync – all from your OpenAPI specification.


Never miss a breaking change

We keep track of every change in your OpenAPI specification and automatically create a changelog for you and your team.


Stay ahead of changes in your APIs

Find out about breaking changes from us, not your users. Frevo notifies your team in Slack, Email, and Discord (soon) whenever there's a change.


A documentation page built for teams

Built-in code generation, mocking, endpoint history, and much more – we built our API Reference page focusing on team collaboration.


Private or public? We got you covered.

Whether you are building an API for internal use, or you want to share it with the world, Frevo can help you with that.


One plan, all features included. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime.


  • All features included
  • Unlimited seats
  • Up to 3 projects

Custom needs? Contact us at hello@frevo.dev.
Frevo is independent and 100% funded by user subscriptions.